How to Join


Traditionally there have been 2 types of membership: Liverymen and Freemen.

In addition in 2011 the Court approved 2 further types of membership; Friends of the Livery and Yeomen.

Liverymen are full members of the Livery and must have obtained their Freedom of the City of London. They may vote in Common Hall and may be invited to join the Court with the possibility to progress to become Master. They may attend all but Court only functions. Liverymen are expected to attend at least one function per year, pay annual quarterage and make an annual contribution to our charitable funds. Most Liverymen join by Redemption, which means they must pay a fine (or joining fee), however it is possible to join by Patrimony if the applicant is born after their parent became a Liveryman.

Freemen of the Livery form part of the “commonalty” of the Livery and may vote in the elections of Master and Wardens but not on other occasions. They are invited to attend several functions each year. Freedom of the company is a stepping stone to Livery status, although some Freemen choose not to progress. Freemen pay a fine and annual quarterage but at a lower rate than Liverymen.

Friends of the Livery is intended to enable anyone interested in learning more about our Livery to join for one year before deciding to progress to full Liveryman or Freeman status. They are treated as Freemen during this year but do not have any vote.

Yeoman of the Livery is open to anyone who is studying or has studied a course approved by the AMUSF or the Livery. The Livery will support them in developing their career in our craft and provide opportunities to promote their work. There is a nominal charge to cover administrative costs.

How to join

Most applicants will know a Liveryman and are invited to join, however if you have no previous contact with our Livery it is possible to apply directly to become a Friend or Yeoman. (Please contact the Clerk for details).

Before applying for Liveryman or Freeman Status any applicant is expected to have attended at least two of our Livery functions and an interview with a member of the Court. The interview provides an opportunity to explain the aims of our Livery, after this the Secretary of the Interview Committee will assist the candidates to obtain Freedom of both the Livery and City. Once these are obtained the candidate is invited to swear an oath of allegiance before the Court and in a short ceremony is then clothed as a Liveryman.