The Emlyn Society

The Emlyn Society has been created by the Worshipful Company of Upholders as a legacy society to encourage and recognise those Liverymen and Freemen of the Company who wish to support the Company and/or its charities by means of a legacy in their will.   Membership of the Emlyn Society is open to all Liverymen and Freemen who are willing to state simply in writing that they have “mentioned” the Company and/or its charities in their will.   No subscription or joining fee is required and there is no minimum size of legacy.   The Society has been named in memory of John Emlyn, an Upholder who wrote a will in 1474 containing several legacies, including the following:

“Also I geve and bequeth unto my brothern the feolaship of the Craft of Upholder after the decesse of me and Johane my wyf xli sterlynges or in mony worth of goodes.”  (From Featherbedds and Flock Bedds – J F Houston – 2006).    So our motto will be:  “Emulating Emlyn”.