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Master – Tony Lofts

Tony Lofts
Tony Lofts

Tony retired at the end of 2014 following forty-one years as a private client fund manager, starting with Messrs. William Morris & Co in September 1973 which was absorbed into what was then Messrs. Quilter Hilton Goodison & Co in November 1975. Subsequently “Quilters” went through a number of ownership changes and Tony would jest that he had become part of the fixtures & fittings, as he never changed employer throughout his career.  

He is a trustee of a number of staff pension funds and remains a member nominated trustee of a closed final salary scheme.

Tony was born, brought up and now lives in North East Hertfordshire.

Educated at Felsted School 1963 – 1972.

Married, in 1986, to Anne a former Legal Librarian / Information Officer.

Lived in various parts of London for some twenty years before the need to move out of town to achieve more space following the birth of two children, Caroline and Edward. Both are Freemen of The City of London by patrimony by virtue of their mother being a member of the Guild of Young Freemen prior to meeting Tony.

Tony became a Liveryman of the Upholders on his 48th birthday in January 2002 and joined the Court five years later.

Tony is a member of the Lime Street Ward Club and also of the City Livery Club, where he is chairman of the Photographic Section.

Anne and Tony are both Freemen of the City of Glasgow and members of The Incorporation of Wrights in Glasgow. Anne is also a Member of the Guild of Freemen of the City of London. 

In addition to his ongoing City interests Tony hopes in retirement to tame a large garden, improve

his shooting ability and become a competent photographer.