Statement of Values

The Worshipful Company of Upholders is an “open” Company, which traditionally has meant that membership is not restricted to those from our Trades or to those eligible through patrimony. Over the last few years we have expanded the meaning of “open” to mean for us that all members, potential members and their guests are always made to feel comfortable, valued and included irrespective of their background or who they are. In return we only ask that our values and traditions are in turn upheld and respected.

Upholders’ Values:

We are:

  • welcoming, cheerful and friendly.
  • genuine and authentic; unassuming and comfortable being who we are.
  • respectful of our own traditions and those of others without being stuffy.
  • structured without being inflexible.
  • quietly competent, understated, and with measured prudence.
  • supportive, helping people, being valued and of value
  • formal, but without too many formalities.

We celebrate tradition and are proud of our history, whilst remaining open to evolving and embracing change. We promote belonging, fellowship, and the benefits of being with like-minded people, while sharing a sense of common purpose.

We have our own Mistery without being mysterious

Our Values in action:

We honestly do try to do good in our own quiet way, with Bursaries and support through mentoring for students, and support for liverymen who have fallen on hard times or are most vulnerable. We promote and support our traditional Trades (which include Upholstery, Soft Furnishing and Undertakers) HMS Triumph, TS Upholder and their naval cadets – thus helping to ensure our country’s safety and security – and Fine Cell Work: helping ex-offenders gain new skills so they have a chance to change and not re-offend.

We’re not a big company in terms of how many members we have, but this means it’s easier to get to know people, to fulfil active roles including committee/working party memberships, and to progress formally within the Company.

We believe that the essence of the Upholders is that we quietly get on with what we do, and what we do well. We are not able to give millions to high profile and trendy charities, and we don’t go for showy, virtue signalling causes, so we give what we can in money and add our time and expertise to carefully chosen charities we support that really mean something to us and to our members.

And finally, we are actively involved in and help to preserve the traditions, ceremony, history and pageantry of the City of London, its governance and its institutions, since we are ourselves grounded in that history and tradition.